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The Furniture And Home Décor Industry

Expand Furniture and Home Furnishing Sales with Manufacturers Reps

In 2015, the furniture industry has over 17,000 companies (Dept of Labor stat) in the furniture and related product manufacturing meeting the office, educational and home furnishing markets. Between offshoring and the 2007-2008 real estate market contraction, the industry saw a slide from the almost 24,000 companies to the current levels, which have held fairly steady since 2013.

Today the remaining and start-up enterprises meet the demands of the many niche markets from outdoor furniture market, office and educational furniture to the home furnishing market. Within each of these markets is a wide variety of targets, from national retail box store furniture, custom furniture makers focusing on regional markets, to the high-end fine furniture stores. Even the outdoor furniture market has a range of markets from teak garden furniture to government and commercial demand for industrial strength steel or concrete furniture. To pursue their niche markets, furniture manufacturers can use in-house sales personnel, ecommerce websites, dealers, or independent sales reps.

Getting your furniture and home furnishing products into the right businesses requires strategic marketing and knowledge of the potential market pitfalls. Territorial growth and market penetration are accomplished readily with experienced furniture sales reps. Check out RepHunter today to find your next furniture or home furnishing sales representatives.

Did you know?

  • The top furniture centers in the US are Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas and High Point, NC.
  • In 2020, the United States was the leading importer of furniture from the rest of the world, with an import value of around 54 billion U.S. dollars.
  • The Tupelo Furniture Market, located in the upholstery capital of the world, attracts 500 - 800 exhibitors from around the globe and 30,000 furniture buyers.
  • The Las Vegas Market is the only major market in the western US offering a unique cross-section of furniture, home décor and gift manufacturers.
  • As of 2020, the average expenditure per consumer unit on furniture amounted to around 534.17 U.S. dollars in the United States. In comparison, this figure was significantly higher in affluent households where the average annual spend on furniture amounted to 1,092 U.S. dollars in 2019.
  • On the average, from 2017 to 2021, furniture and household equipment accounted for between 3.3% to 3.8% of annual household expenditures (Bureau of Labor statistics).
  • The household industry is the industry most affected to the up or down business cycles - affecting employment in the upholstery, woodworker, furniture finishers and wood machinist sectors.
  • Desire for customization, environmental awareness and social concerns about inhumane work practices around the world are driving consumer demand for furniture made in the USA.
  • Independent Reps in the Furniture And Home Décor Industry

    Furniture sales reps connect large home furnishing manufacturers and small custom cabinetry and furniture shops alike to new market niches or expand market penetration to a mix of retail and government buyers as well as the contractors/architects/interior designers channels. As quality and design tastes change and social concerns for the environmental impact and employment practices increase in the US, new “made in the USA” furniture manufacturers are opening their doors and need a sales forces with a high level of marketing experience, understanding of the home furnishing, commercial and educational furniture industries, as well as their furniture business relationships.

    Since 2015, the furniture industry has outpaced the overall US economy, growing at a rate of 6-7% a year. The growth is driven in a large part by dining room and bedroom furniture sales. With furniture being largely a discretionary spending market, it is affected by consumer reaction to national and international economic events. However, downward trends in the Chinese market may favor US manufacturers with less expensive fabrics and consumers with lower prices on furniture.

    Connecting with experienced furniture manufacturer sales reps or agencies with the connections to furniture and home furnishing retailers, interior designers and architects, or independent furniture dealers is one way to increase furniture sales into new markets. These independent reps bring their product training, cold-calling presentation and negotiation skills to help both established furniture manufacturers and start-up small or custom furniture makers reach new markets and expand their regional presence. Sales reps help increase sales, give feedback on pricing and changes in market taste. With their profit motive, reps normally keep sales expenses down and ROI up compared to the overhead of an in-house sales force.

    Just the size of furniture products alone leads to distribution challenges, especially if you are also handling the legal complexities of the export market. Furniture sales online has met greater resistance than many markets due to customers desire to see and feel the quality and comfort of their next furniture investment. This means the brick and mortar sales outlets, the traditional sales territory for independent sale representatives and sales rep agencies, will remain players in the industry for the foreseeable future.

    Commission-only, furniture manufacturer sales reps can provide manufacturers with the sales experience and expertise for all the niche furniture markets. To get your domestic and commercial furniture products into new markets quickly, independent furniture sales reps may well be your best leverage point to greater profits. The experience furniture sales reps have finding sales outlets in large and small sellers provide economic benefits to the wine industry.

    RepHunter makes it easy for furniture manufacturers, interior designers, and home furnishings producers (Principals) to connect with independent sales reps through our easily searchable database.

    For Principals looking for furniture sales reps, RepHunter's database is full of commission-only rep profiles of reps who are actively looking for new furniture lines and home furnishing sales opportunities.

    Sign up with RepHunter today and meet your next sales reps as well as your business sales goals.

    RepHunter is the top online independent sales rep directory. Get started today by registering, creating your profile and searching our database.

    Find Furniture Sales Reps - Furniture Sales Representatives

    Furniture and home furnishing manufacturers have various avenues to connect with independent sales reps: meeting at furniture trade shows or advertising online and in print. These avenues can yield successful connections, but their downside is they are somewhat a passive approach. Online sales rep directories, like, offer manufacturers an opportunity to review profiles of commission only independent sales reps. These are furniture sales reps who are experienced, motivated and actively looking for new lines to promote in their territories.

    With the millennials coming into the market place and the housing industry continuing its recovery, the upward buying trend in furniture is expected to increase faster than most other sectors of the economy in coming years. Finding commission-only furniture sales reps at RepHunter is a proven way to quickly connect with well-connected sales reps, increase market reach and improve profitability.

    Our tips below will help you find qualified furniture sales reps for your home furnishing and furniture lines - find them by their market niche or territory.

    Being Ready for the Millennial Market

    Millennials’ desire for customization, smaller furniture, environmental awareness, along with their social concerns about inhumane work practices around the world drive a changing demand in the furniture industry. In some areas there is also a growing demand for furniture or home accessories made in the USA. Sales reps know which retailers and sales outlets are purchasing to meet this changing market demand.

    Millennials and Baby Boomers alike are not buying based so much on payment plans, but are prioritizing functionality, style and design. With many Millennials holding off having children until their mid-twenties, they have more disposable income to invest in home buying and furniture.

    Building in a Story the Customer Identifies With

    Successful marketing campaigns to the Millennial market have included the well-proven sales technique of creating a story that matches how the customers’ see themselves. For example, furniture manufactures have found that accenting natural wood grain is popular since it meets the environmental concerns of buyers. While traditional styles - Mission, European, and modern - are still popular, Millennials tend not to buy suites, but pick and choose their own eclectic mix.

    Use Your Furniture Sales Rep’s Acumen

    Millennials’ buying habits include taking the time to research online and at local stores to evaluate the range of styles, quality and cost of their next furniture investment. Creative sales tactics are necessary to get your furniture products in the right place to stand out. Finding the furniture sales rep or sales rep agency with the knowledge and feel for your target markets is critical. Reps can give input on what marketing materials are most successful, training programs that help sales personnel, or sales terms that will best interest furniture buyers.

    Sales reps traditionally have an advantage over online sales since they can connect with the sales people who are directly interacting with customers who are actively buying furniture. Their input to retail sellers on the benefits of your furniture line can be the deal clincher in a purchase that is made as much with the emotions of how a piece of furniture will feel in a room as the mind on the pocket book.

    Use RepHunter extensive online database to find the right commission only furniture sales reps who are actively looking to expand their territory or product lines and have the sales acumen and expertise to meet furniture and home furnishing manufacturers’ needs.

    Try before you buy. Search for your next independent sales reps on RepHunter, then sign up with our simple online registration by clicking on the button below and then make the connections that will build your sales!

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