About RepHunter

How can manufacturers, small business owners, distributors or sales agencies quickly and confidently find qualified sales reps? Conversely, how can manufacturers’ reps and independent sales reps find new product or service lines to offer their customer base? It can be like searching for the needle in the haystack.

As experienced sales professionals, we created RepHunter due to our frustrated attempts to search for new sales rep opportunities. So we built a haystack full of needles so to speak—one website where companies and reps create their profiles, search, find and contact each other.

RepHunter’s profiling system for manufacturers, service providers and sales representatives captures only the necessary information. RepHunter leverages an online active databases of companies’ and sales reps’ profiles that allows manufacturers, service providers and qualified sales representatives to quickly target a match for their sales representation needs.

RepHunter profiles give you intelligence so you can make decisions, not just information so you can make gambles.

Our clients confirm the quality of our referrals and tell us that the candidates that we place are more productive and able to hit the ground running faster precisely because of their established customer base.

Meet Our Team

Our Value Proposition

RepHunter is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to find sales reps in your industry.

Consider a company’s alternatives to RepHunter:

  • Hiring Inside Sales Rep: $50,000 + per year and no entrepreneurial incentive to sell
  • Agency Placement: $10,000 +
  • Nation-Wide Advertising: $5,000/Month
  • Newspaper, one major city: $1,000/Month to an increasingly limited market
  • Online Job Board, one major city: $700/Month to a very diffused market
  • Trade shows: $3,000 + depending upon travel and show expense; narrow window of opportunity; might pay off, especially if you are already attending shows

Our subscription plans are a fraction of the cost of these alternatives!


  • We advertise for you! We bring a targeted market to you.
  • We take your phone calls! Why do business with somebody who doesn’t?
  • Our customer service has been called "world class", "priceless", "awesome", etc.
  • For companies:
    • No overage charges. Our system prevents you from exceeding your contact allotment.
    • Cancel anytime! You can even do this right away to pay to subscribe for only one month.
    • Start up again with no startup fee and use all your rollover contacts.
    • Cancel mid-month to avoid further payments while retaining your subscription until the month is out.
    • You do not pay RepHunter any overrides on rep commissions.
  • For Sales Reps
    • Free service. No hidden fees, ever.
    • We do not sell your data.
    • Turn your profile on and off as your sales needs require
    • Your free profile allows manufacturers and companies seeking sales reps to contact you

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