RepHunter Services

Do you want to grow your business and increase profits?

  • We help manufacturers or suppliers, and independent sales reps find each other and create conversations.
  • We have a unique profiling system that allows a TARGETED SEARCH using a manufacturer’s specific requirements and our active database of experienced Independent Sales Representatives.
  • We are more COST-EFFECTIVE than than the alternatives: (1) placing ads and wading through an avalanche of resume responses; (2) costly trade shows; (3) job boards

We created RepHunter because as experienced sales professionals we were frustrated in our attempts to search for new opportunities. Resumes just didn’t capture the key criteria for finding good partnerships. By creating a profiling system for manufacturers, service providers and representatives, RepHunter leverages the technology of databases and the Internet to bring manufacturers and service providers the qualified sales representatives they need, without the resume reviewing hassle.

Our clients confirm the quality of our referrals and tell us that the candidates that we place are more productive and able to hit the ground running precisely because of their established customer base.

RepHunter Services—How It Works

Our Manufacturers and Company Clients Can:

1. Expand Market Penetration and Reach through Independent Sales Representation

Have you considered expanding your coverage through independent sales representation? Do you need outside sales reps to carry additional lines for your business? Let RepHunter help you grow your business. Our experienced sales rep recruiters will find and place independent, commission-only sales reps with your organization. Or you can search and contact qualified reps in our huge manufacturers representative directory. Find the exact sales talent that your business needs! Register today!

2. Locate Qualified Independent Representatives Easily

As a manufacturer interested in working with independent representatives, do you find it difficult to locate the qualified sales talent in the markets or regions where you need representation? Established in 2001, RepHunter has one of the largest directories of independent representatives actively seeking new lines. Our independent reps submit a detailed profile of their abilities, territories, and lines allowing you to locate exactly the talent you need.

Register today!

Contact Outside Independent Sales Representatives with RepHunter! With full control over your sales profile, it’s simple to increase your visibility, update your product lines or target markets, and make other changes at any time, 365 days a year. Register today!

Try Before You Buy

Our process is as easy as ① - ② - ③. Just post your sales opportunity on our website and interested outside sales reps will contact you!

  1. Search our database for free – see the reps we have in your industry.
  2. Register – increase your visibility in your industry by posting your sales opportunity.
  3. Subscribe – as a paid subscriber to our service, you get unlimited rep inquiries about your opportunity, and at the same time, you can pro-actively select reps of your choosing and issue contact requests to start communication with them.

Our Guarantee: all of our reps are:

  • 100% commission, independent reps
  • Actively seeking new lines
  • Will respond to you

Independent Reps With a RepHunter Profile Can:

1. Represent More Lines

As an independent sales rep or manufacturers representative, do you have the ability to represent additional manufacturers, suppliers, or lines into your existing account base?

One of our RepHunter representatives sold computers to VARs and Resellers throughout the Midwest. She doubled her income by contacting manufacturers profiled on RepHunter actively seeking reps in the computer field. By offering more product lines to her existing account base, she now receives commissions on computers plus her new lines (phones, software, and office furniture). Reps—register for free today!

2. Represent Manufacturers for Greater Income

Have you considered becoming an independent manufacturer’s agent, the best paid sales professional on earth? One of our sales professionals became a RepHunter independent representative. He now represents the manufacturers and suppliers of his choice providing several of the lines his customers may need. His income is ten times what it was when he was employed as an inside sales rep. Register today!

3. Create Your Free Sales Rep Profile

No hidden fees, ever. Just create your independent sales rep profile for free. Search our database of manufacturers, distributors and sales companies seeking independent sales reps in all industries. Contact companies looking for sales reps today! Companies hiring sales reps also find your profile and contact you. Register today!